The Australian Synchrotron uses the MyTARDIS software to allow users to manage their experimental data via a web-based interface.

The offered functionally currently includes:

  • Access to meta-data associated with each conducted experiment, the individual datasets and each datafile. This includes data collected by the particular user and any publicly available data.
  • Advanced search capabilities across all stored data, including proposal and sample information.
  • Sharing of data with collaborators and making data public, with the bonus of the entries being consumed by ANDS' Research Data Australia.
  • Interactive download of individual files via the HTTP protocol. Other download mechanisms like SSH, GridFTP, iRODS and SRB are available through the Storage Gateway of the VBL.
  • Automated transfer of private data to other MyTARDIS instances. For questions related on how to setup your own institutional repository to receive data feeds please contact

MyTARDIS is currently hosting the data collected by the IR, SAXS and MX beamlines.

Click here to log into the MyTardis instance (using either your User Portal or VBL credentials).