Step 1: Raw data conversion

All raw data collected are automatically saved in a binary .mda format, which require conversion into ascii format prior to analysis. Our preferred tool for data conversion is Sakura for which more information can be found here. If you prefer you can still also use the older programs such as:

  • mda display: Instructions on its use can be found here.
  • Average: A modified version of Average (from the ANBF) can be downloaded here. Please follow the steps below when installing on your computer. This package is no longer in active development.
  1. Open the zipped file and run the setup file to install Average.
  2. Copy epics.dll and libaverage-1.4.dll into the Average-2.0\lib folder.
  3. Search to find where the original XFIT.INI file is installed by default and then overwrite with the XFIT.INI file you just downloaded. Open the new file and check that the path for epics.dll is correct.


Step 2: Analysis

You may choose to use any data package that you are familiar with / desire. At the beamline we often use the IFEFFIT package for data reduction (Athena) and data analysis (Artemis). Further information and downloads can be found here:

The beamline scientists are experienced in XAS data analysis and can provide some general advice in this regard. Please note however, that it is not a specific task of the beamline scientists to analyse data for users and thus, should you wish to, please pursue their assistance in a reasonable manner.