The Australian Synchrotron provides funding support for successful beamtime applicants in the form of travel funding and/or onsite accommodation. For more information about applying for Travel Funding, click here.

In the case of users from New Zealand, the travel funding process is handled by the New Zealand Synchrotron Group (NZSG). Please go to their website for further information:


All invoices from the 1st of September 2016 must be addressed to:
ANSTO - Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
ABN - 47 956 969 590


Process for Invoice & Acquittal Submission

  1. Within 8 weeks of beamtime, the User Group Spokesperson, upon incurring all expenses, completes the domestic acquittal form. (or ISAP acquittal)
  2. The acquittal form is then taken to the spokesperson's organisation (or equivalent) with all necessary receipts and is authorised by an appropriate party.
  3. The spokesperson's organisation then raises a tax invoice to the Synchrotron Light Source Australia for the amount spent (up to the approved amount).
  4. The spokesperson then submits the acquittal form and tax invoice to the AS User Office - Do NOT include copies of the receipts.
  5. The User Office will send a confirmation of receipt email to the spokesperson and organise payment of the invoice.



The acquittal form will assist you to determine how much of your expenses to claim.  It is no longer compulsory to submit the acquittal form with the tax invoice, however doing so may speed up approval of your claim. Copies of the receipts are not required to be submitted to the AS, however they must be kept for 12 months by the user's organisation, and may be required by the AS for auditing purposes.



The invoice for travel funding must come directly from the organisation used to apply for the funding. The invoice must not exceed the amount originally granted and must contain GST.

All invoices must be addressed to:

ANSTO - Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation

ABN - 47 956 969 590


Publications resulting from beamtime awarded at the Australian Synchrotron and overseas synchrotrons (via ISAP travel funding), must have the appropriate acknowledgement. Proceed to the Acknowledge us in your publications webpage for further instructions.

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