Importing samples into Australia

International users who wish to bring samples to the Australian Synchrotron, or to ship them separately, are required to include with their samples a copy of the Australian Synchrotron's import permit AND a letter from the Australian Synchrotron expressly approving their use of the permit for the date(s) of their experiment(s).

Please see the below table for a list of commodities covered by the Australian Synchrotron import permits. 

If you are unsure about whether your specific samples are covered by existing permits, please visit the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources website. This site provides information on how to obtain additional permits if necessary.

** Please note that it may not be possible to import untreated soil or plant samples to the Australian Synchrotron. Refer to the BICON database for the specific import conditions for your sample. Where the import conditions require containment at an Approved Arrangement Site, please note that the Australian Synchrotron does not currently hold an approved arrangement.

Current Import Permits   
Commodity Name Country Expires

Genetic material - purified and derived from standard laboratory microorganisms including viruses

Genetic material - low risk genetic material and vectors

Purified or refined laboratory reagents - low risk laboratory material

Microorganisms, including viruses - low risk standard laboratory species 

Animal fluids and tissues (excluding reproductive material) - sourced from low risk species

Animal fluids and tissues (excluding reproductive material) - from ovines, caprines, bovines, cervines, camelid, giraffid, porcines, equines and avians.

Antibodies - purified and raised against antigens from multicellular organisms, synthetic material or microorganisms

Cell lines and/or supernatant fluid - derived from animals and humans

Human Fluids and Tissues - not known to be infected

All 12 Sep 2018

Untanned hides and skins


NZ only

12 Sep 2018

Laboratory material (Novatein thermoplastic protein)

NZ only 05 Oct 2018

To request a permit and supporting letter, please email the Australian Synchrotron User Office at



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