Publications not currently available for downloading will be posted shortly.

Information about the PX beamline
2008 PDS meeting poster (pdf, 2.6MB)
This poster is a comparison of the PX1 and PX2 beamlines.

Poster: Construction of the 3BM1 beamline (pdf, 226kb)
Produced May 2007

Beamline poster (pdf, 189kb)
Produced November 2006

Slides about the PX beamlines (pdf, 938kb)
Produced May 2006

Poster describing the beamline and its applications (pdf, 245kb)
Produced December 2005.

National Science Case – Chapter about the PX beamlines (pdf, 277kb)
Produced December 2003

Remote Access:

Newer versions of NX client have trouble connecting with our server if you are using a Mac OS X platform.  If you are having trouble connecting, please look at the NX client update for Mac OS X platforms: 

Before accessing the MX beamlines for the first time, users no longer need to install and configure NX client. 

NX client is now run through the virtual beamline (VBL):

Users can run it from any web browser. Log into VBL as your normal login, select Beamline Access, select the appropriate beamline, then Remote Access. You may need to install the plugin required for your browser to run this software the first time you use it. Click on Continue and wait for NXclient to run on your machine.


See for NX client file download.  Contact your user support staff member for login details. 



MX2 User Manual - full version (pdf, 6.01MB, 41 pages A5 format for booklet printing) [currently under review].

Biochemistry Lab User Manual (pdf, 4 pages, 980kb)
Produced April 2008