Sample shipping for interstate/NZ users

Sample Transport and Safety information below.


  • To assist Australian and New Zealand based synchrotron users holding an appointment at an Australian or New Zealand institution or company to send samples in dry shippers (dewars) for remote access experiments at the Australian Synchrotron.

Access Principles

The following principles are designed to ensure that maximum benefit is obtained for the Australian and New Zealand user community.  Funding for shipping sample dewars will be provided where:

  • A proposal has been scheduled for beamtime through a competitive process
    The research group is located outside the Melbourne metropolitan area and the users are not requesting any travel or accommodation costs to be covered by the Australian Synchrotron.

All dewar shipping funded by the Australian Synchrotron will be provided via a preferred service provider, PAKAIR. The cost of shipping dewars via other providers will not be reimbursed.


Application Procedure

  • Once notified of scheduled beamtime at the Australian Synchrotron, applicants are required to submit a completed Dewar Shipping Funding Request Form. Click here to download the funding request form.

  • Applications can be submitted at any time prior to shipping of sample dewars to the Australian Synchrotron once the applicant has received notification of scheduled beamtime.   

  • The User Office will email the applicant a letter of funding approval for the dewar shipping within a week of receiving the funding request. 

Once funding is approved the applicant will make all necessary arrangements for transporting their sample dewar to the Australian Synchrotron directly with PAKAIR via their online booking system. A username and password for this system will be provided by PAKAIR once they receive confirmation from the Australian Synchrotron that dewar shipping has been approved. 

Please note: All shipper funding requests must be submitted for approval to the User Office. No reimbursement will be provided for bookings made directly through Pakair.

Pakair Funding Table

Effective 29 January 2014


(For 1 17kg Dewar return shipping

excluding GST) No GST applies to





$670.00  as direct fly / drive away


$670.00  as direct fly / drive away



Gold Coast




Port Macquarie




Wagga Wagga



$660.00 as direct fly / drive away















Palmerston North





















Sample Transport and Safety

Before sending or bringing potentially hazardous samples/materials to the Australian Synchrotron, the User has the overall responsibility to ensure that:

  • The samples/materials to be used on the beamline and/or in the preparation laboratories are explicitly listed on the Experimental Authorisation (EA) form, together with details as to how the hazardous materials will be handled, stored and if necessary, disposed of.

  • You contact beamline staff if you are planning to use materials in the schedule 7 poisons category. Schedule 7 poisons require a permit in Victoria.

  • The samples/materials are appropriately contained, packaged and labelled.

  • - For MX Users an online sample information sheet MUST be completed prior to despatch and the resulting shipping label must accompany the dewar to the Australian Synchrotron. Please log in to your VBL account to access the online form. The form is available by going to 'Beamline Access' followed by selecting either the MX1 or MX2 beamline link and then 'Sample Shipping'. If you do not have a VBL account, please contact the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    The samples/materials conform to all relevant federal and state legislation covering ground, sea and air transport. For more details on this

    The samples/materials can be safely stored at the Australian Synchrotron prior to their use in the scheduled experiment. The User must identify the storing conditions and any special precautions to be undertaken.


  • The samples/materials will be taken away by the User after the experiment, or if this is not possible, it is the User responsibility to safely dispose of the materials on site in accordance with relevant State and AS guidance. The AS will assist wherever possible.

Note that the EA form must be submitted at least two weeks before the experiment is scheduled to commence.

No modifications to this form (i.e. adding an additional hazardous material) will be accepted less than three working days before the experiment is scheduled.