High-Energy-Resolution Methods in X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy

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X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy (XAS) is a powerful technique to investigate chemistry, geometry and atomic near-range structure of, typically, heavier elements in almost any material. Traditionally, the specificity of XAS is dictated by the energy resolution of the photon beam incident on the sample, fundamental physical qualities such as broadening of the absorption edge of interest, and energy resolution of traditional fluorescence detectors. This is presently also the case at the Australian Synchrotron XAS Beamline. The corresponding limitations can be overcome by using multi-analyser crystal spectrometers. Application examples include site-selective XANES to investigate minor species, high-energy resolution XANES to cope with diffracting sample matrices, and X-ray Raman spectroscopy to investigate light element (O, C, N) K-edges using hard X-rays.


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...for a workshop to explore high-energy-resolution methods in XAS and their applications to modern problems in science and research. Bringing together international experts, national community leaders, and the XAS community at large, the workshop marks the first step of developing a science case for high-energy-resolution XAS at the Australian Synchrotron and of building strong and productive links with the international high-resolution XAS community.


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