We are all on an inescapable journey through the universe with our nearest star: our sun. If our kind manages to survive for hundreds or thousands of millions of years, we are in for one a hell of a ride.

On Thursday 25 August, join researcher in fundamental physics from the DAFNE collider in Frascati Italy, Dr Catalina Curceanu, on an imaginary journey through space and time: Riding on a star – this year’s Victorian Women in Physics lecture.

  • Discover how stars work
  • Find out what keeps stars alive and what happens when they die
  • See how a star can become an impressive supernova and give birth to a neutron star
  • Wonder the forces that bring about  black holes …
  • and ponder an important question for our distant descendants: How will our own meet its end?

The Victorian Women in Physics lecture celebrates the contribution of women to advances in physics; this year it is hosted by La Trobe Institute for Molecular Sciences.

For more information visit the Australian Institute of Physics.