30 October 2009

The Australian Synchrotron Chair, Mrs Catherine Walter AM, today announced that its secondment agreement with Facility Director, Professor Robert Lamb, had ended.

Professor Lamb will now be free to return to the University of Melbourne and continue his research.


When 500 of the world's leading synchrotron researchers visit the Australian Synchrotron this week it will be an opportunity to show them the $1.4 million extension to the imaging and medical beamline  - which when completed will be the most advanced instrument of its type in the world.


Synchrotrons have an enormous range of applications from investigating a potential new drug to discovering new species in fossils.  Delegates at the 10th international conference on Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation (SRI09) will have an opportunity to hear world renowned experts in their fields talk about the many applications of synchrotron science.